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social media as a values clarification tool for awareness development

March 25, 2013

Hello Cyberspace Void and any other readers who may have accidentally tripped into this posting…

As someone with too many thoughts and interests jumping around in my mind I’ve come to appreciate the focus that blogging can provide.

Because it’s a public forum, open to question, critique or criticism…I’m forced to refine what I express, make sense of it and find support for it through verifiable sources and then have to further clarify my thoughts if I’m confronted with information that doesn’t fit what I thought I believed. For the record I’m not saying I’m good at this process yet…only that I’m a new and excited student of awareness.

I don’t know if it’s my age (36), stage (divorced, mother, Rheumatoid Arthritis acceptor, 2nd degree, former people pleaser, and recovering food addict) or nursing research papers which require extensive source citation…but… I want information, the original information and I want to know how that information was gathered, by whom and what their objectives were in gathering the information.  were they searching for TRUTH or to confirm and defend their own biases of experience or an agenda?

I’m done with being manipulated…especially unwittingly so…I want to help others shed the same shackles of victimization.

What do I stand for, where did the belief come from, have I examined it, am I forming myself through objective examination or allowing myself to be formed by the cultural soup and is it a healthy soup based on how I internalize what I think I’m seeing, am I seeing things they way they are or the way I am or expect them to be…do i anticipate conflict or harmony, honesty or lies…do I compare (mine and others) behaviors with words and outcomes…are they sincere, congruent or incongruent?…not to judge but to discern where we are, are going and how to get there, or improve the process, or remove/avoid too many distractions/detours.

Am I BEING what I want, or am I MANIPULATING to try to get more than I give?

Will I become authentically me, or will I be a cheap photocopy of what commercialization and other various messages tell me will make me happy…and incidentally improve their bottom line whether the bottom line is owned by the church or Maybeline…all the while rendering myself a victim and wholly unhappy in pursuit of the ridiculous and likely missing the entire point of my existence, purpose and calling by my Creator?  I think it was Merton who referred to humans being slaves of technology…what else may we sell ourselves as slaves to?  What other gods may we be sacrificing to as idols which will continue to block our connection to God…if all things are permissible, but not all are good…then I must FILTER, sift, sort, purge, discard…making things use of the things that are good for me and not being used by all things…resulting in a pile of nothing vaguely resembling me.

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