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near miss…

May 4, 2013

do you remember…the near miss?

We agreed to meet at a coffeehouse.

not our usual one.

This one was commercial, but…

I would get to see you, hear you and soak you in…

like the whipped cream that slowly melts floating atop too hot coffee…

don’t ask me who’s the cream and who’s the coffee…

it doesn’t matter…the melding matters…

But we agreed to meet,


I must have mixed up the days.

By coincidence I arrived

with a friend for coffee, and

you were there…

I came up to say hello.

you looked agitated and


to my amazement,

and later embarrassment,

I realized you thought I was playing

some type of cruelty on you.

I felt myself suddenly terrified…

a cold tingle spread through my awareness,

I could see you flying out of my circle,

from the corner of my mind,

my eyes felt frantic, my heart couldn’t

keep up…

somehow I convinced you

of my honest innocence.

Now when we meet for coffee…

I always remember the near miss.

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