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Parts of me

June 27, 2013

So many were parts of me,
I don’t know…would I have been any good?
But, it was me…they were part
and I threw it away…now apart…
Like so many other parts of me…estranged and gasping…

Now I go…
I RUN back,
Fish them out,
Beg them back,
Tell me which ones to make!
…they are barely breathing.

My left hand flies to my lips,
Gentle like feathers touch,
She whispers, “no tears.”
My throat imprisons the sobs…
They bounce and echo along the halls of my heart…
Hollow, bereft, and most dangerous welcoming…
My eyes however…most wise,
Rebel with silent streams,
Trickle warm…
Life support is no cure for coma,
I need a miracle.
Where is “Miracle Max” with the chocolate coating to make it go down easier?
Dry and bitter are their own mercy,
Carrying truth…
My root craving.


From → poetry

One Comment
  1. Parts of me, indeed! Very creative piece. 🙂

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