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Paradox of desire, fear and fulfillment

February 24, 2014

Sorting my books…aka…babies and thinking/feeling my way through this pain of letting my apartment go, rebooting life and career…again. Good time for reflection.
Admitting we want to be loved and that we desire someone who wants our love or a career we enjoy…simply admitting we want…is scary, because it makes vulnerable and vulnerable can wound. Asking any area of Life to meet us half way is risky. What I know for sure…we never get what we want if we don’t ask, and I’m afraid to ask because I’m afraid the answer will be no. So why ask, risk rejection, compound pain and live with humiliation? Because those who risk greatly could, just maybe, receive greatly and have a chance to give greatly. I could get a chance to receive a yes, and be a yes…just maybe. And…I’d rather leave all my blood on the playing field of passion, than store it stagnant for the couch of apathy.
Be well…love, strive and play hard, and do it all for loves sake…because you are made of breath and matter of love.
My soul to yours~Meighan 😉


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