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Social media and touch

March 4, 2014

We all need touch. Technology has added another option for touch. I see social media as a means of touch, connection, reaching out, asking for and giving communion. When we share our statuses, blogs, pictures, tweets we are admitting we want to be seen and loved. And when we do so we share at the highest level. The level of the mind. And why not?

I feel bad for those stoics who see social media as the height of vanity. You know the people who nay say, “Who needs that fake Facebook and twitter crap. Just a bunch of fake people only interested in hearing themselves talk. That’s not connection. That’s not friendship. I got along just fine without tech gadgets as a kid. Now everybody’s got their nose in a cell screen.”

Yeah, that’s what they say. I know. I used to be one. What my heart was really saying was, “God, why can’t I be so brave to ask for love and let people love me? Oh yeah, that’s right, cause I suck and whose gonna love me anyway? So I’m gonna close off this needful heart, shut it up, and criticize those able to love, who feel worthy of love and who openly love.”


Ok, maybe I wasn’t aware of that dialog entirely as I am now. But there was definite loathing of the happy people, which was what I said I wanted to be but wouldn’t allow myself to get suckered again.

But now, with this heart open because I know it cannot be destroyed, I’m willing to share it unequivocally. It helps too to know that even if I let you in and you toilet paper my visions, I know the next rain will wash it away. My visions are real and your attempts to destroy will come to nothing. In that I can have compassion for you, because I’ve hated myself and felt the need to attack others to prove myself better. Now I know we are all the same. I see your wounds and healing as much in me as they are in you. So please, feel free to enter, to touch my heart and maybe allow me to touch yours.


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