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Don’t Believe Anything That Makes You Weak

March 5, 2014

Don Charisma

It always amazes me how a few short words from one person can make such a big impression. Indians (from India), have a reputation for being spiritually wise people. That’s not to say that there aren’t spiritually wise people everywhere and from all races and religions.

A young woman, a Indian student in Italy, wrote this comment for me recently :

“The Fate vs Free-Will is a very tough debate that’s almost always on in my head, I almost always felt as if being mediocre was my fate. Then someone told me ‘Never believe anything that makes you weak.’ After that it’s been much easier to believe that taking charge of my own destiny might actually overwrite what’s already been ‘fated’!!”

Surya Bhattacharya –

Thank you Surya, you are a very wise woman indeed 🙂 Personally I’m not a fate’ist, for similar reasons to those my friend…

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